Hey Little Hollywood, we didn’t forget about you. With its emblematic sandstone formations, we couldn’t help but draw color palette¬†inspiration from the red rock city. Sedona maintains our traditional grow lamp but includes a beautifully hand-dyed feather shade that harkens back to the colors of the archaic stone.

This desert rose pendant will truly catch the glance of anyone who enters the room by offering a soft welcome, and with a flick of a switch, offers your plants room for growth throughout the entire year.






The cord is woven with white cotton rope.

Standard plug-in with the on/off switch located on the cord (switch located 1.5 ft from the plug).

Malibu walnut stain used on pine round and beads.

Grow light bulb not included. This fixture supports LED grow bulbs up to 3.5 inches in diameter. ¬†Ensure the fringe from the shade isn’t touching the bulb before or during use. For recommended grow bulbs, visit our blog posting.

The fringe shade is 5 inches in diameter and is coated in a fire retardant made especially for textiles for added protection.

The pendant can safely hold up to 6 lbs.

*Since our products are handcrafted, color and measurements may slightly vary.




Length: 14 ft total (plug to wooden ring: 11 ft) ( wooden ring to the circular base: 3 ft).
Pine Round Base: 12 in x 12 in.


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